About Amelia & the Team




About Amelia

Georgie, Amelia's German Shepherd Dog helping at a photoshoot!

Amelia Gier began her career as a graphic artist in a national agency immediately after graduating from Seattle Pacific University in 2009. After 5 years of agency and freelance graphic design work she decided to try working for a new kind of client -- you! -- to create more meaningful art.

The shop grew from a few state print designs to over 500 listings and three different storefronts, quickly becoming a full-time job for her, and a part-time job for her husband. Lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves the mountains and water. Amelia is incredibly grateful to be able to create art for her customers, and she is committed to the concept of spreading love and good feelings through meaningful and artistic gifts and home decor.

Aside from designing Amelia likes learning Japanese, reading, writing, her cats, dog, horses, and tea. 



The Team

Nicole B.

Nicole is Amelia's best friend and right hand woman, helping with order fulfillment, shipping, customer service, and everything else! We love working together and have way too much fun doing so.

Ryan A.

Production designer and general technical wizard. 

Shanan B.

Framing production manager.

JoDee M.

Customer service



The first print in the shop, ever!