How we give back

Humanitarian & Charitable Giving

As a business we donate 10% of our profit (after expenses) to World Vision. Occasionally we will give to other good causes as well. Because of this giving and the support of our customers we have been able to witness some incredible blessings reach many people in need. Our donations have provided wells for fresh drinking water, blankets in winter for the disabled and needy, cows for farmers in poverty stricken communities, fans for schools in extremely hot and humid climates, school supplies and bedroom furniture for children who would otherwise not have any, and more.

World Vision helps people all over the world in so many ways, and we are so glad to be able to contribute. Seeing photos and reading letters from the people who benefit makes working and giving all the more rewarding, and we want our customers to know that it's because of them and their support that we can give.

Other organizations we've helped:

St. Jude: children's hospital auction.

Fort Campbell Spouses' Club (FCSC) - Aucton for women's scholarship and welfare grants.

Good for the earth, good for people.

While paper products have a bad reputation, at AGD we make sure that our paper sources are environmentally friendly as much as is possible. Our papers are

FSC Certified    FSC Certified

Green Seal Certified  Green Seal Certified

Recycled  Recycled - made with post-consumer waste

Windpower   Energy-matched with wind-power!

Our frames are also responsibly sourced, made in America, and eco-friendly. Our framed prints are built locally here in the Northwest, and all materials are hand-picked by Amelia and tested for perfection. We work with a fantastic framer who builds each piece per order, and works closely with Amelia to fill orders she can't complete in the AGD studio.



Our mailers are also made from 95% post consumer waste, and recycled material.

Our products are made to last a long time, and we hope you'll enjoy your prints for generations to come.

- Amelia